Earth Beat Movement - Tell the People Cover

TELL THE PEOPLE [2016 Single]

Title : Tell the People
Release Date : 22 giugno 2016
Format : CD

Tell the People is a statement song about the precarious situation of refugees and migrants at the borders with Europe, stuck between the war in their home countries and the institutions of those who they seek to reach.The three characters in the video are connected by a common thread and represent the ‘don’t see’, ‘don’t hear’ and ‘don’t speak’, meant as the indifference that dwells in many. This is the reason why Earth Beat Movement wants to talk to the people (Tell the People) about this issue and share with them the perspective of whom experiences this indifference each and every day in his own life.
Start to listen, to see and therefore to speak up is the only way to overthrow all these physical and moral barriers. says Irene Mistilla Bisori, singer and author of the lyrics of the song.

Music Production: Ciro “Princevibe” Pisanelli
Lyrics: Irene Bisori
Video: AUTT production

“Non Parlo”: Irene Bisori “Non Vedo”: Andrea Francesca [Ass. TRA I BINARI a.p.s.] “Non Sento”: Caterina Pieraccini
Irene Bisori
Stefano Ciancitto
Federico Barbaro
Alberto Giuliani
Raffaello Braccesi


Rit: From the east to the west right time to confess
tell the people dat mess we’ve got to get a move on

Kindness is a rarity
these days are too blind
many people leave and few return surrender yourself, feel the wind from Africa the more you have the more you want twentieth-century slaves

move yourself into action
follow your intuition
taking a stand is for a brave heart behave like a rebel
apathy is a sliver
that make me shiver
all that we have is for you and I

On such a full sea we’re the gold on the riding high only one heavy tear falls from papa
how many tears instead fall from mama
the farthest kiss is for my homeland

too many tears, screams , prayers and howls but I know me cyaan stop!

From the east to the west right time to confess
all tricks are useless

starts the countdown
we don’t need no more lies respect the humankind

tell the people dat mess we’ve got to get a move on

I need a remedy to muster my energy back take a better flowing way
too much blood on their hands
see with no see

do with do nothing
prove where is the difference what you say! same needs, fears, dreams and hope
here is what I see!