Earth Beat Movement - 70 BPM Graphic by PULP GRAPHIC

70 BPM [2016 Album]

Band : Earth Beat Movement
Title : 70 BPM
Release Date : 22 Gennaio 2016
Format : Digital Download



70 BPM calling for self-reflection and internal growth but above all awareness. Almost all the lyrics were inspired by reading the works of positive thinkers. “These are topics we can all relate too and the goal is to share key life lessons with as many people as possible. We must always remember this passage of life is nothing more than a wonderful journey of self-exploration that we must take step by step” the band explains. 70 BPM is also the pace at which they themselves like to “walk” on this journey; the tempo of the classic Reggae music which they grew up on, that so inspired them and to which they wanted to pay tribute.

Irene “MisTilla” Bisori: vocals, backing vocals & arrangement / Princevibe: arrangement, keyboards, programming / Stefano “Ciancio” Ciancitto: drums / Alberto “Albe Dub” Giuliani: bass & guitar / Federico “Reverbero” Barbaro: keyboards / Raffaello “Lello” Braccesi: keyboards

Special Guest: Jahcoustix: vocals 4 / Raphael: vocals 9 / Piero Bongiorno: guitar 1-3 / Alessandro “Bosketto” Bosco: saxophone 6-8-11-12 / Giuseppe Alberti: trumpet 6-8-11- 12

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: by Ciro “Princevibe” Pisanelli @ Princevibe Studio, Saronno (VA) Horns (6-8-11-12) and guitar (1-3) recorded @ Sound System Studio (FI) Executive Producer:

Grafic Design: Pulp Graphic (FI)
Booking: BPM Concerti (BO) Press Office: Run It Agency
Special Thanks to: Jahcoustix & Raphael for sharing tunes with us, our manager Marco Manganiello, Fulvio Impellizzeri, Teresa & Run It, BPM concerti, Michelangelo De Ponte Conti, Martina Naldini, Angelica Bozzetto, Suphamat Belli, Agnese Petri, Chiara Bonello, Nicola Vannucchi, Daniele Saccardi, Gino ” Indignato” Barbaro and all the people who we have met in this wonderful travel.

Thanks To: Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Lao Tzu, Maria Manti to have inspired the lyrics and our lives.
(MisTilla) Thanks to: my parents, my sister and my sweetie “Pupa” & “Forty” for believing in my job
Thanks to: ” My Feeling” grandmother “The best teacher of life that I ever had”