CHANGE [2018 Single]

Title : Change
Release Date : 20 Aprile 2018
Format : Digital Download

Change!  Change itself is at the core of everything, it’s an unavoidable element and process to which every being, willing or not, has to go through. As a consequence it has to be dealt with!
Change is also at the heart of the new path which EBM are on! In fact, in the videoclip you’ll be able to notice a couple of changes to the lineup of the band that you’ve known up until now. The presence of a second voice, Pidduck, is going to be a regular fit for the future productions and live concerts!
What Mistilla saysabout the track is in fact this:
«In life we often find ourselves dealing with unexpected or postponed situations which we had put aside but then return to to claim their bit of attention. It’s only natural to be frightened at first, but as we accept the change we’re given the chance to see and live the change itself as a new  opportunity that has been given to us. A difficult moment can be the beginning of a rebirth, it can be that energy that makes us say “ I can do it” , “I’ll follow my Dharma”. The song has been written throughout the change, for the change itself. Every change happens in the right place and moment, it’s only up to us to recognise this and to welcome it with open arms.»

Music Production: Ciro “Princevibe” Pisanelli
Lyrics: Irene Bisori / Marco Pidduck Fabbian
Video: Kalispera Production

Martina Caironi
THANKS TO Ottobock.

This is the time to change your life
It’s about time we get on with our lives
We can choose to embrace the light
There’s a change inna mi heart right now
It’s time to leave the past
Dem a try to put you down
We can choose to embrace the light
There’s a change inna mi heart right now
People come and go inna dis life
those who remain are moving at your same time
it’s not easy to change your habits
That’s the difference between lions and rabbits
And when I lose the muzzle for a while
My Music brings me back she knows the right side
Me live the change as an opportunity
Positive People with a postive energy
I cyaan forget the dark and lonely night
Where everythings seems to be fallin’ down
when I felt nothing but fear to be alone again
I looked up and I saw inna di sky
Three bright shooting stars
Fall down inna mi yard
A sign Of a new chance
That’s why from dat moment I left The past
Sometime you feel life is uncatchable
So you haffi be adaptable
Decide anna take
A the Road that go on n on
Move along the futures a few steps along
Anna di past it a build Who you Are you’re strong
Inna every single Song ya can hear where ya from
Every second there’s a change on hold
Just waiting for go beyond where u belong
Let go All the leavers let go themma them
And them old energy let go themma them
EBM nah gwaan fall over a new energy take over
I looked down and I saw fromma di sky
I am a shooting star
Fall down inna ya yard
A sign Of a new chance
That’s why from dat moment We left The past
Someone can Judge you for your actions
But Who really put yourself out there?
It’s your reflection Who tells Who you Are
No Mask, take it off in dis direction
Don’t lose sight Of your dreams
Everything you need, is a breath Of Fresh air
A new start, I sing trallalala